Music Fonts designed by Engravers for professional use

The DVM font packages are currently in use by several thousand musicians in at least 28 countries. They appear in thousands of published works by publishers such as Oxford University Press, Hal Leonard Publishing, Augsburg Fortress Publishers and BMG Ricordi; and they are used in dozens of schools and universities around the world. The reason is simple: we designed them for our own use, and we do not compromise on output quality.


First created in 1989, Metronome and MetTimes were designed as music fonts that would be as easy to use as text fonts. Metronome got its name for its ability to produce metronome markings and swing indications (beamed eighths = quarter-eighth under a triplet sign) in MOTUs old Professional Composer, and in MakeMusic’s early versions of Finale. MetTimes began as a clone of the ubiquitous Times font, with music characters added. Since then, the fonts have received over 20 upgrades and are now the most polished fonts of their kind on the market. They have hundreds of kerning pairs, handcrafted bitmaps for text sizes, and they come with both postscript and truetype versions on disk. The fonts are available for either Windows or Macintosh and are fully compatible with all word processors, page layout programs, and notation programs.

Kidnotes is designed for use with elementary music; it is particularly well-suited for use with beginning piano music. Kidnotes includes a set of noteheads with letters embedded; we include templates for use with Finale so that the correct letter names will automatically appear from within Finale. And now, with the release of Sibelius 3, we can offer a special version of Kidnotes for Sibelius. It is available for either Windows or Macintosh.


We are experts in font design; our managing editor has twenty years experience working with Fontographer. Whether you need a customized version of our Metfonts or a brand new font, we can create a typeface that meets your specifications.


DVMarticulations is provided as a free font for the users of Finale. It is the only font with articulations that are centered around each characters origin point, and can therefore be precisely centered on each notehead. Also on this page are fully functional demo versions of Metronome and Kidnotes.

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